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Our Car Detailing Services In Kuala Lumpur

LV Car Wash & Car Detailing Services feature top quality detailing products to RESTORE the SHINE to your vehicle’s exterior and leave the Interior CLEAN and FRESH. Everyone LOVES a clean car, and a clean car runs BETTER. Our auto detailing technicians are trained and equipped with the most advanced, tools, equipment, chemicals and supplies to provide the best auto detailing services for your vehicle.

Many people INCORRECTLY consider detailing as a DELUXE WASHING service, when in fact is anything but that. Washing usually involves a quick water, rise and dry clean of your car's exterior whereas detailing usually consists of a complete, top to bottom meticulous service; cleaning the many aspects of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Detailing should be done REGULARLY in order to keep your car in  TIP TOP CONDITION. A regular auto car detailing service keeps your car LOOKING NEW and well MAINTAINED for LONGER thus prolonging the condition of the car and making your car more profitable when it comes time to trade-in or sell it for an upgrade. A dirty, neglected car can lessen your car's selling prospective - perhaps even losing you hundreds of dollars in potential profits.

Detailing can also help get back that SHOWROOM LOOK and FEEL of your vehicle.

LV Car Wash & Car Detailing Services treats cars the same way we treat our FAMILY MEMBERS. We care about your cars and we do our very best to provide the best car pampering services to you.

Auto Detailing Services and Prices
We want to make your decision easy. Since every auto detail or wash is owner-operated, you can be sure that each of our services will give you the highest quality job that money can buy.

Our goal is to provide you the plan that most accommodates your needs, not to sell you the highest price package.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of our auto detailing services.

Ultimate Protection Detail:


Hand Wash Exterior, Clay exterior painted surfaces ensuring a smooth ultra clean paint. Remove light scratches / foreign paint rub, Machine polish painted surfaces producing a deep lustrous shine.

Apply Two(2) coats of Polymer Paint Sealant that penetrate the painted surface creating a bond that seals out the elements.This double coat of paint sealant should provide at least 6 months protection if not longer. Duration will vary depending on storage, driving and washing conditions.

Clean Door Jambs, Clean Door Hinges, Clean and Treat Exterior Trim, Clean and Polish Tail Pipes, Thoroughly Wash Wheels ensuring lug nut recesses are free of break dust. Clean/dress Wheel Wells and Dress Tires,

Clean Mirrors / Wash Windows Inside & Out.

Top side Engine / Engine Bay detail using steam, degreaser and compressed air. Special care is taken to not disturb engine electronics. Engine Bay / Plastic is then dressed.


Thorough vacuum of seats, carpets, floor mats and trunk. Pre-treat/steam extract interior upholstery, carpet and floor mats. This step heats cleaning solution to 210° then sprays and extracts deep stains and hidden odors ensuring a deep cleaning. Seats are moved forward and back to ensure underside of seat and all crevices are thoroughly clean.

Interior Upholstery is Protected with a polymer blend coating that is safe on all natural and synthetic fabrics. This Anti-Static Fabric Protectant will not affect texture or flexibility. Door panels, Dashboard, gauges, vents, visors, steering wheel and column, and center console are meticulously cleaned. All interior vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather is treated/conditioned and protected against the sun's UV rays without a greasy build up.
Vacuum and clean trunk / cargo area.

Corporate Packages also available. Help your employees with their “To Do” list. Offer a car wash and detailing service in your parking lot. We come to your business, and handle all of your employees auto cleaning needs! Contact us for Special Corporate Packages and Details! We offer a variety of car care packages to chose from. From our entry level Gold Package to our Platinum Package with Eco Plus, you’re sure to find a level of service that’s right for you.

If you’re interested in combining convenience and savings, be sure to check out our monthly subscription options.

You’ll save money and time, knowing that your car will be cleaned as part of our bi-weekly service schedule.

Waterless wash and quick wax exterior
Clean tires & rims
Biodegradable tire dressing application
Rain-X treatment on windows
Bug & sap removal
Eco-friendly console cleaner
Leather conditioner or Scotch Guard seat upholstery
Interior vacuum
Trunk vacuum
Clean door jams

Detail Menu of Services

• Shampoo Combo & Hand Wax $ 75.99 & up -
Get rid of dirt and odors inside your car and protect the paint on the outside. A wax is recommended every 60-90 days to protect your car from the elements – sun, salt, hard water, droppings, insects, sap, etc… Prevent the elements from ruining your car!

• Engine Detail $ 39.99 & up -
A clean engine is a happy engine. Engine connectors can break down if dirty and corrosive elements are not cleaned regularly. This engine cleaning will protect your engine and leave it spotless.

• Oxidation Removal & Hand Wax $ 79.99 & up -
Recommended every 3 months, the clay removes small bumps of oxidation (rust) and tiny scratches from your car, leaving the finish smooth and shiny, like a new paint job. Wax applied afterwards protects the finish from the elements. Try it. See and feel the difference. Your car will thank you.

• Professional Interior Detail $ 99.99 & up -
Carpet, Floor Mats, Seats Cleaned. Dashboard, central console, door panels cleaned and treated with interior dressing conditioner.

• Professional Exterior Detail $ 129.99 & up -
Oxidation removal, High speed buff, Meguiar’s Carnuba Hand Applied Wax.

• Complete Professional Detail $ 179.99 & up -
Interior Detail and Exterior Detail for one low package price!

Express Services
Express Service Packages
These services can be performed while you wait and gift certificates are available:
Professional Wax - $39.99
Clean, shine, protect and condition your car’s finish
Interior Super Clean - $29.99
Detail vacuum, dress the dashboard, console, doors and cleaning seams and creases!
Cleans, conditions, and revives.
Carpet Shampoo- $29.99
Carpet shampoo and extraction, removes most stains.
Adds up to 4 mats for an additional $10.00.
Upholstery Shampoo $39.99
Brighten upholstery and remove most stains and spills.
Professional Leather Shampoo $39.99
Hand clean leather seating areas and door panels.
Conditions and Protects.
Headlight Cleaning and Restoration $79.99
Restore headlight lenses to like new conditions.
*Large Vehicles, Mini-vans, SUV’s, Trucks and Vans add $15


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